2023-2024 Confirmation Candidate- Saint Name

2023-2024 Confirmation Candidate- Saint Name

Please complete this form no later than Sunday, November 19, 2023

*Names must belong to recognized saints by the Catholic Church

The Rite of Confirmation seals us, names us, and claims us for a new life as an adult Christian in the Holy Spirit that began at Baptism. This is an opportunity for one to choose a name in Christ and affirm their love for Him.

Choosing a Confirmation name needs to be a prayerful experience. The candidate’s new name in Christ should be someone Christ-filled that they admire and want to emulate. A candidate may choose a new Confirmation name or retain a recognized saint’s name given at Baptism. The Confirmation name must be that of a recognized saint (not a derivative or variation of a name as we have allowed in the past). This is the name that will be on your name tag and it is what the Bishop will call you during the anointing.

A Confirmation name is a permanent reminder which links the candidate with the way in which the mission of Jesus lives on in those special persons recognized by the Church as saints or heroic people in its history. In Scripture, receiving a new name is often associated with a change in life. Taking a new name carries with it that the one to be confirmed is asking for the Lord to change them, give them courage and strength to live their faith more fully. The process of researching the life of a saint can be an enriching part of the preparation program and can serve as the basis for reflection on the qualities of a present day witness for Christ. Family members and sponsors can assist the candidate in choosing a Confirmation name.

Here is a helpful website for information about saints recognized by the Catholic Church: